MidFirst Bank donates $1 million to local Boys & Girls Clubs to help create opportunities for youth

Oklahoma City –MidFirst Bank has pledged $1 million to local Boys & Girls Clubs in Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Tulsa and Dallas to help kids and teens overcome challenges they are facing due to economic and racial injustices, as well as from the effects of the global pandemic. 

“We believe that everyone in our community should have equitable opportunities and that racism of any kind cannot be tolerated,” said Jeff Records, CEO of MidFirst Bank. “The youth in our community deserve to have safer, brighter futures, and they need all of us to keep working for social justice. Many in the communities we serve are facing hunger, learning disruption, and racial injustice. Boys & Girls Clubs are addressing these important issues in a positive way through mentoring, academic enrichment, college and career prep, mental health programs, inclusion and diversity programs, leadership, healthy lifestyles and meal distribution. The future of our nation rests in the hands of our youth, and they need us now more than ever.”

MidFirst Bank is committed to supporting organizations that are adapting to address critical needs in their local communities. Like Boys & Girls Clubs, MidFirst Bank is devoted to supporting social justice and helping bridge the racial inequality gap.  

“Boys & Girls Clubs all across the country are responding to the needs of young people and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to the social justice movement. We have the incredible honor of serving the youth in Oklahoma County, and it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to address any issues that stand in the way of their success,” said Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County President and CEO Teena Belcik. “BGCOKC gives kids and teens access to experiences and opportunities many wouldn’t otherwise have, while simultaneously promoting inclusion and diversity. MidFirst Bank’s incredible gift allows our Club and the Clubs of other cities to continue to inspire all youth, especially those who needs us most, during this difficult time.”  

About MidFirst Bank

With $24.3 billion in assets, Oklahoma City-based MidFirst Bank is the largest privately owned bank in the country. MidFirst Bank has banking centers in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and Texas and provides commercial lending, wealth management, private banking and mortgage servicing nationally. MidFirst Bank also operates 1st Century Bank as a division of MidFirst Bank in the Los Angeles, California market. 

About Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County is a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. BGCOKC’s mission is “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.” BGCOKC offers evidence-based national programs in the areas of academics, the arts, college and career planning, athletics, health and nutrition, anti-bullying, drug and alcohol prevention, inclusion and diversity, and leadership. These programs contribute toward achieving our three Priority Outcomes of Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Strong Character & Citizenship. For additional information, please see www.bgcokc.org.

Boys & Girls Clubs Media Contact: Carly Johnson, cjohnson@bgcokc.org; 405-602-5712

MidFirst Bank Media Contact: Grant Griswold, grant.griswold@midfirst.com; 405-767-7459