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For more than 25 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County have been there for children and youth when they need us most – after school and out-of-school time. Membership at our youth centers are open to all children and youth ages 6-18, and our Club members have access to high quality programming that has the power to positively shape and change their lives.

All Boys & Girls Club programs incorporate a youth development approach that fosters a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness and influence among young people. Our centers help youth develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County serve members aged kindergarten through 12th grade* in Clubs across Oklahoma County. Our after-school and summer programs are led by trained and dedicated staff that are committed to seeing members succeed in every possible area of their lives. Boys & Girls Clubs are not licensed day cares, but rather a youth center where members can come and go. If you are interested in your child becoming a member, please fill out an application at the link below. 

*Varies by Club site. Please contact the Club for more information. We currently do not serve Pre-K students. All members in our program must have be currently enrolled in or have finished kindergarten before enrolling. 

JULY 24th @ 9:00 A.M.

Bridgestone Intermediate

1700 S Council Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73179


Bridgestone Intermediate
Western Heights Middle School


1215 NW 95th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73114


Britton Elementary
Quail Creek Elementary
Ridgeview Elementary

cAPitol Hill
Middle/WHEELER School

2717 S. Robinson Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73109



This location only serves students from Capitol Hill and Wheeler Middle School. 

cesar chavez elementary

600 SE Grand Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73129


Adelaide Lee Elementary
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Heronville Elementary
Shidler Elementary


5212 S Villa Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73119


Arthur Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Coolidge Elementary
Fillmore Elementary

Council Grove

7721 Melrose Lane
Oklahoma City, OK 73127


Council Grove Elementary
Greenvale Elementary

Country Estates Elementary

1609 Felix Place
Midwest City, OK 73110



This location only serves students at Country Estates. 

John GLenn

6501 S Land Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73159


John Glenn Elementary
Winds West Elementary


3101 Lyon Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Kaiser Elementary
Buchanan Elementary

mary Golda Ross
Middle School

2601 S Villa Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73108


This location only serves students at Mary Golda Ross.

Memorial ParK

Memorial Park is no longer accepting applications.

3535 N Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73118


Belle Isle Middle School 
Classen SAS Middle School
Cleveland Elementary
Douglas High School
Eugene Field Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Linwood 5th Grade Center
Mark Twain Elementary
Millwood Public Schools
Monroe Elementary
Nichols Hills Elementary
Taft Middle School
Wilson Elementary
+ Charter and Other Schools


3806 N Prospect Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111


FD Moon Middle School
Martin Luther King Elementary
Millwood Public Schools
Thelma Parks Elementary


6609 S Blackwelder Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73159


Prairie Queen Elementary
Southern Hills Elementary
Hayes Elementary 

Santa Fe south elementary

5325 S Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73119


This location only serves students at Santa Fe South Elementary.


9521 NE 16th Street
Midwest City, OK 73130


Crutcho Public Schools
Rogers Middle School
Spencer Elementary
Willow Brook Elementary

woodson park

3401 S May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73119


Adams Elementary
 Esperanza Elementary
Rockwood Elementary
Van Buren Elementary


Leadership and Service empowers youth to support and influence their Club and community, sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image, participate in the democratic process, engage in civil service and respect their own and other’s cultural identities.

torch club logo


Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities in four areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation.

keystone logo


This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for young people ages 14-18. Youth participate, both in and out of the Club, in activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. With the guidance of an adult adviser, Keystone Clubs aim to have a positive impact on members, the Club and community.

Youth of the month logo


Established in 1947, Youth of the Year is BGCA’s premier recognition program for Club members, promoting service to Club, community and family; academic success; strong moral character; life goals; and poise and public speaking ability. The program is most effective when used as a year-round tool for fostering young people’s character, personal growth and leadership qualities.

Education enables youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines and apply that learning to achieve success in their future educational and career endeavors. Some of our programs include: Power Hour Homework Assistance, Tutoring, Career & College Prep, Money Matters, Technology Centers, Literacy Programs and more.

junior staff logo

Junior staff

Junior Staff assists Club members ages 13-18 in exploring a career in youth or human services, particularly Boys & Girls Club work. Young people prepare for future roles as human services professionals by participating in career development activities, discovering the importance of community service, building customer service skills and completing a Club apprenticeship. Clubs that implement this program make an investment in the development of Club members’ interpersonal skills, work ethic and sense of community responsibility.

career launch logo


CareerLaunch encourages Club members ages 13 to 18 to assess their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare to join our nation’s work force. Club staff or volunteers use the Career Exploration Quick Reference Guide to work with teens individually or in small groups to build their job-search skills and job readiness.

Power Hour Logo

sonic powerhour

Designed specifically to help kids and teens with homework, this program is available after school at Clubs. Dedicated youth development professionals and volunteers supervise each session and help youth members complete their assignments for the day. When they finish their work, they may choose to participate in a variety of other engaging and educational activities to develop their skills even further.

PowerHour is a great opportunity for kids and teens to get their homework completed in a quiet place with support from trained, caring staff at a Boys & Girls Clubs.

Money Matters logo

money matters

Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college.

Health and Wellness programs develop Club member engagement in positive behavior that nurtures their well-being and helps them set personal goals. Club programs include SMART Moves, SMART Girls Passport to Manhood, behavioral health services and healthy eating programs.

passport to manhood logo

Passport to manhood

Passport to Manhood promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys 11 to 14. Each participant receives his own “passport” to underscore the notion that he is on a personal journey of maturation and growth. It represents a targeted effort to engage young boys in discussions and activities that reinforce character, leadership and positive behavior.

smart moves logo

SMART moves

The SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) prevention/education program addresses problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity. More than simply emphasizing a “Say No” message, the program teaches young people ages 6 to 15 how to say no by involving them in discussion and role-playing, practicing resistance and refusal skills, developing assertiveness, strengthening decision-making skills and analyzing media and peer influence.

Smart Girls logo


SMART Girls encourages young women – ages 8 to 17 – to have healthy attitudes and lifestyles helping them to reach their full potential. Through dynamic sessions, group activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women, Club girls enjoy the opportunity to build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care and developing positive relationships.

The Arts enable youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing.

National Fine Arts Exhibit logo

National fine arts exhibit

This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6 to 18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.

Digital Arts Festival logo

digital arts festivals

Club Tech’s Digital Arts Suite teaches members ages 6 to 18 how to create computer-generated art. The festivals showcase members’ digitally created masterpieces.

image makes logo

image makers

This year-round program encourages Club members ages 6 to 18 to learn and practice black-and-white, color, digital and alternative process photography.

Sports and Recreation develops fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, teamwork,  appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills.

Triple play logo


Triple Play strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

boys and girls club of Oklahoma City sports logo


Through our various sports leagues, Club members have the opportunity to join and participate in team sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.


Pathways, a BGCOKC program, provides Oklahoma County youth the tools, resources and confidence to graduate high school with a path to success. Whether this path is to further education in a college or technical center or to pursue a career, we want them to be prepared!

The Pathways Program aims to reach the following goals for each participant:

Create a resume for employment and higher education purposes

Assess which career would be
a good fit

Learn and practice soft skills and other critical thinking skills

Participate in job shadowing
and internships

Understand and practice basic life skills, including money management

Below are a list of career development opportunities included in the Pathways Program:


This Way Ahead provides the next generation with their first jobs, mentoring, skills and confidence they need to succeed. This program is designed for youth ages 16+ to complete workforce development opportunities, such as Career Launch, Money Matters and Job Genius. After completing the program, members will then interview for paid, part-time sales associate roles at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. All hired members will be supported by a Boys & Girls Club job coach for the first three months of employment.

Career Launch

The goal of Career Launch is to help members explore a variety of careers, make educational decisions and prepare to enter the workforce. Career Launch is a premier job-readiness and career-preparation program offering a variety of activities to hone teens’ decision making, problem solving and critical thinking abilities – all important for workplace success.


BGCOKC has partnered with the Chickasaw Nation Corporate Development Office to provide members with an opportunity to pitch a new business idea. Youth work with a mentor to develop a business idea, write a business plan and present the idea to community leaders. Prizes are awarded to the participants and a grand prize is awarded.


BGCOKC has partnered with Boeing and other community leaders to offer an innovative program to Club members aimed at preparing them for STEM-focused careers. The engaging program uses unmanned aerial vehicles to teach design, engineering and problem solving.

For more information about Pathways, please contact