Wneki Borders

Posted on 02/27/2015

Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County | Success StoriesWneki Borders is a junior at Harding Fine Arts Academy. Wneki has been a Club members for nine years and has participated recently in Keystone Club, Career Launch, Safe Dates and diplomas2Degrees. She comes to the Boys & Girls Club because “It’s a great place with great opportunities for kids like me.” Wneki has always been small in stature and would often hide when she was younger, which is how she obtained the nickname “W-Sneaky.”

When she was 11 years old, Wneki’s mom passed away and Wneki was bounced around between family members. While living with her aunt in Yukon, she wasn’t able to come to the Boys & Girls Club and talks about what a difficult time in her life that was and how she started making bad choices about friends, lack of involvement in school, etc…

After moving in with her grandmother a year ago, she came back to the Club and has been flourishing in all aspects of her life. When asked to sum up in one word what the Boys & Girls Club means to her, Wneki said, “everything.”

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